Samsung RF23A9771SR/AC Refrigerator

Home is where the Hub is



Leave notes, share calendars, videos, pictures and more.


Stream music, listen to live radio and mirror content from your Samsung TV or phone

Food AI

Manage groceries and meal planning more effectively.

Stay connected with the family

RF23A9771SRAC share

Easily share family moments and news

Enrich your family life by easily sharing news, messages, special moments and new photos, videos on the Family Board. Simply use the home screen to share photos and video clips, post stickers, draw pictures, type or hand-write notes, share schedules and website links.

RF23A9771SRAC calendar

Never forget important family events

Make sure that you never miss a family event. The Calendar app lets you share and check the schedules of family members at a glance. You can update entries on the fridge or from a smartphone and synchronize the schedules with Google and Microsoft calendars*. So you won’t forget important dates!

RF23A9771SRAC calendar

Easily stay in touch with all the family

Enjoy a really fun and effective way to communicate with your family. Using the Memo, To-do and Gallery apps you can quickly share memos, task lists, instructions, activity schedules and photos. When anyone steps close to the fridge the home screen turns on, so they can see what you’ve said.

RF23A9771SRAC calendar

Let your fingers do all of the talking

Avoid the hassle of finding a pen and paper to leave personalized messages for your family members. With the White Board application you can create messages simply by using your finger to draw pictures or handwritten text. You can even use emoticons, and replies can easily be added to messages.