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Front Load vs Top Load Washer – Which one to buy? Leave a comment

With innovations in home appliances, a notable appearance is of the Front Load washers that became common just within a few decades, raising the debate for which one is better top load or front load?

A distinguishing feature between the two is that Top load washers have top lids with their washing tubs placed vertically while the Front load washers have front opening covers with horizontally mounted tubs for washing. 

Both types have their pros and cons, the buying decision should definitely be done after evaluating the factors that are more important to you. Listed below are some considerable points that can help you choose between a Top Load Washer and a Front Load washer. 

Pros and Cons of Front Load Washers

Front-load Washer can be a good choice because, 

  • Low agitation from horizontal washing of clothes maintains the quality of your clothes with a gentle wash
  • Lesser water consumption as compared to top load washers
  • Engineering Design of Front Load washers ensures effective stain removal.
  • Front Load washers tend to be more energy-saving in terms of water saving than top load washers. 

Likewise, Front load washers have some cons too, including,

  • Front Load washers are usually more expensive in comparison to the top load ones.
  • Front Load washers are high maintenance and require regular cleaning which can be a hassle sometimes.
  • Loading front-load washers require you to bend, which is not an ideal situation.

Pros and Cons of Top Load Washer 

Conventional styled-Top load washers have the following pros,

  • Top Load Washers are easier to load as compared to front load washers, therefore, have better ergonomics than the latter.
  • Being able to add more clothes mid-cycle, can help ultimately save extra cycles with lesser water wastage.
  • Generally, Top Load washers are cheaper than front load washers.
  • Top-load washers require low maintenance. 

Similarly, Top Load washers can be a bad choice due to the following reasons, 

  • Top Load washers are not that good at cleaning and removing stains.
  • Having lower spin cycles can consequently increase the drying period. 
  • Most of the top load washers lack advanced features commonly seen in front load washers. 

In short, when looking for a washer prior research can help you in selecting the best option. If you’re someone who has back problems and are looking for a more budget-friendly option a Top Load Washer is definitely your best choice. But if you want more advanced options with better quality washes Front Load Washers will be a better choice.   

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