Super Fast Program, Silent Dryer DV8000T (DV90T8240SE/AH)


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DV8000T is energy-efficient and 99% germ-free with AI Control, A+++ Save Energy, and Super Speed ​​functions.


Asciugatrice Ai Control Silent Dry

Artificial Intelligence Control

Dry your laundry more easily and efficiently with Artificial Intelligence Control. It offers you a special drying experience by remembering your drying habits, suggesting programs and showing information instantly. The SmartThings App* provides advice on scheduling, planning, and troubleshooting. And it automatically selects the perfect drying program for a wash programme**.

Intelligent drying

A+++ efficiency

A+++ Energy Efficiency with Heat Pump Technology

Protect the environment and save money by using less electricity*. Dry your laundry in an energy-efficient, cost-effective and delicate way with heat pump technology. It uses ‘refrigerant’ instead of electricity to heat the air and reuses the hot air inside to avoid wasting energy, thus offering A+++ energy efficiency.

Heat Pump Technology offers top-level energy efficiency and cost-saving benefits through the process displayed on the dryer.

* According to IEC 61121:2013 standards / 8 kg laundry load / DV80F5E4HGW model in the Ready-to-Use Cottons Drying Program with the Heat Pump function turned on and the DV80H4100CW model with the Heat Pump function turned off. Individual results may differ.

Dry in 81 minutes

Super Fast Program

Save energy and get clothes cleaned and ready to wear in just 2 hours at the same time. The Super Fast Program can dry your cotton and synthetic mixed laundry in 81 minutes*. And with the Super Quick Program function of your washing machine, you can wash and spin your clothes in 39 minutes*. Thus, you can wash and dry your clothes in a total of 2 hours.

On top of washing and drying shirts, the arrows surrounding the dryer door show the time spend on washing and drying.

* Samsung DV8000T has been tested at 3 kg load according to IEC standards.
** Samsung QuickDrive™ WW8000T tested at 3kg load according to IEC standards.

It causes less discomfort

Silent Drying

Do the laundry without disturbing the neighbors or waking the children. It has a built-in noise reduction system with its Silent Drying design. In this system, sound absorbing materials and algorithms that optimize the spin speed are used to minimize noise. As a result, it has a low noise level of 60dB*.

The baby on the bed sleeps beside the operating dryer in the dark room.

* Tested with Samsung DV8000T at 9kg cotton load.

Destroys bacteria

Hygiene Care

It prevents the formation of bacteria in clothes and other textile products such as sheets or soft toys. The Hygiene Care program ensures that both dry and wet clothes are disinfected without affecting the drying performance. Eliminates 99% of germs by applying high temperature heat**.

The clean laundry is in the dryer full of heat, and the 99% anti-germs and the Intertek quality logos are on the side.

* 2 kg of dry laundry or 2 kg of wet laundry.
** Based on independent testing by Intertek. Individual results may differ.

Opens in any direction

Reversible Door

Choose the opening direction of the reversible door to suit the layout of your home. Cover opening direction; Easily change it to suit your machine’s location, surrounding items, and the way you do household chores. This also means that the walls will no longer be in your way. Also, thanks to the transparent cover, you can see what’s inside at a glance.

DV8000T dryer with doors opened to both sides shows the reversible feature at a glance.

Wrinkle-free clothing


Prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled without ironing. All you have to do is select the Anti-Wrinkle program and wait for the drying program to finish; It turns the boiler intermittently for 180 minutes without any heating. Thus, it prevents your clothes from staying on one side for a long time while they are hot and prevents the formation of wrinkles on the fabric.

The white shirt is spinning inside the drum. A wrinkled shirt becomes wrinkle-free after the drying cycle.

It dries smart

Optimum Drying

Optimize your drying performance effortlessly! Optimum Drying uses 3 sensors to achieve the best result. It monitors the humidity and adjusts the drying time, so your laundry is ready quickly with minimal energy consumption. It also prevents damage to your clothes and reminds you to clean the Heat Exchanger.

Moisture, Temperature, and Heat Exchanger Cleaning sensors monitor the progress of the dryer.

Easy maintenance

2-in-1 Filter

Maintain your dryer easily and keep drying performance and safety at the highest level. The innovative 2-in-1 Filter has a two-layer mesh filter. This eliminates the need for a Heat Exchanger filter and is therefore easier to maintain. With two alarms it reminds you that the Filter and Heat Exchanger need to be cleaned.

The 2-in-1 Filter spread open, and a line indicates the position of the 2-in-1 Filter in the door opened dryer.

Removes odors by ventilating

Air Wash

Freshen your clothes without washing, boiling, rubbing, or using detergents. Air Wash technology deodorizes your clothes and linens so they always smell fresh. Removes unpleasant odors using super hot air. This way, your clothes look as if they have been dry cleaned and will last longer.

To show cleanliness, a strong air current is being blown to a white shirt where it stands next to an open dryer door.

Fast drying at low loads

Quick Dry 35 min.

Dry your clothes quickly, such as a work t-shirt or school apron. The Quick Dry 35 min program dries your 1 kg low-load clothes in 35 minutes, ready to wear*. Safely dries small quantities of parts using high-temperature air, so you wait less; Dry only the clothes you need, when you need them.

* It may differ according to the fabric type.

Underneath a dried-up light blue shirt, there is a clock icon with the word "35 minutes."




  • Drying Capacity (kg)9.0 
  • Energy ClassA+++
  • Physical Properties600 x 850 x 610mm
  • Net weight52.0 kg

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