BlackStone Griddle 17 Inch Grill with Stand

Specification Measurement
Assembled Depth (in.) 30.4 in
Assembled Height (in.) 42.9 in
Assembled Width (in.) 28.95 in

$199.00 $249.00

Product Title: BlackStone Griddle 17 Inch Grill with Stand – Your Culinary Partner for Unforgettable Outdoor Feasts

When it comes to outdoor cooking, nothing beats the versatility and performance of the BlackStone Griddle 17 Inch Grill with Stand. This compact yet powerful griddle is designed to elevate your outdoor cooking experience, whether you’re a seasoned grillmaster or just getting started on your culinary adventures.

Specifications of BlackStone Griddle 17 Inch Grill with Stand:

Expansive 17″ Cooking Space

With a generous 17-inch cooking space, the BlackStone Griddle Grill with Stand provides a whopping 267 square inches of cooking real estate. This ample cooking surface offers you the freedom to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously, making it perfect for family gatherings, backyard barbecues, and camping trips with friends.

Precision-Controlled Cooking Zone

What sets the BlackStone Griddle Grill with Stand apart is its ability to deliver precise and controlled heat. The griddle is equipped with a single stainless steel H burner that produces a powerful 12,500 BTU output. This means you can easily adjust the heat to suit various cooking techniques, from searing steaks to delicately sautéing vegetables.

Classically-Styled Hood with Orange OTG Handle Grip

The BlackStone Griddle Grill with Stand doesn’t just excel in performance; it also boasts a classic design that adds an element of timeless charm to your outdoor cooking setup. The integrated hood, painted in a striking black, complements the griddle’s appearance. The orange OTG (On the Go) handle grip not only provides a pop of color but also ensures safe and comfortable handling of the hood.

Efficient Grease Management System

One of the hassles of outdoor cooking is dealing with grease, but the BlackStone Griddle Grill with Stand has this covered. It features a patented rear grease management system that efficiently collects and directs grease away from your cooking surface. This not only makes cleanup a breeze but also enhances the longevity of your griddle.

Convenient Side Shelf

A single side shelf offers a convenient workspace for food prep, utensils, and condiments. This thoughtful addition keeps everything you need within arm’s reach, allowing you to focus on your culinary creations without constant trips back to the kitchen.

Collapsible and Adjustable Quad Leg Stand

The BlackStone Griddle comes with a sturdy quad leg stand that provides stability on various outdoor surfaces. The stand is not only adjustable to accommodate your preferred cooking height but also collapsible for easy transportation and storage. Whether you’re cooking in your backyard or taking it on a camping adventure, this griddle is ready to go wherever you are.

Updated National Control Knobs and Piezo Ignition

The griddle is equipped with updated national control knobs that offer precision control over the heat settings. These durable knobs ensure that you can fine-tune the temperature to achieve the perfect sear or a gentle simmer. Additionally, the piezo ignition system guarantees quick and hassle-free startups, so you can start cooking without delay.

In conclusion, the BlackStone Griddle 17 Inch Grill with Stand is not just a cooking appliance; it’s your culinary partner for unforgettable outdoor feasts. Its spacious cooking area, precision-controlled heat, classic design, and user-friendly features make it a must-have for anyone who enjoys the pleasures of outdoor cooking. Whether you’re grilling up a storm for a summer barbecue or preparing a hearty breakfast at the campsite, this griddle is up to the task. Invest in the BlackStone Griddle and elevate your outdoor cooking game to a whole new level of excellence.

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Specification Measurement
Assembly Required Yes
Color Black and Orange
Cooking Surface Size (Width in.) 17 in.
Fits No. of Burgers 9
Front/Side Shelf Folding
Grill Color Family Black
Grill Wheels None
Grill/Smoker Category Freestanding/Cart Style
Grill/Smoker Features Foldable Legs
Grill/Smoker Fuel Type Propane
Ignition Type Piezo
Includes Grill Cover Without grill cover
Number of Burners 1
Product Weight (lb.) 49.6 lb

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