Extension Kit For B-1890-EK (Single/Double) Bunk Bed

B-1890-EK Extension Kit  (Converts Bottom From Single to Double)

B-1890 Bunk + B-1890-EK 100”L 57”W 65”H


Introducing the Extension Kit for B-1890-EK (Single/Double) Bunk Bed

An innovative and versatile addition designed to enhance the functionality and adaptability of your bunk bed setup. This kit seamlessly expands the capabilities of the B-1890 bunk bed, offering greater flexibility and accommodation for varying spatial needs.

Key Features:

Customized Configuration:

Tailored to complement the B-1890-EK (Single/Double) Bunk Bed, this kit allows for a personalized configuration, adapting the bunk bed to your specific space requirements.

Expanded Sleeping Capacity:

Enhance the sleeping capacity of your bunk bed setup, providing additional room and versatility to accommodate family members, guests, or changing spatial needs.

Sturdy and Reliable Construction:

Crafted with durable materials and a robust design, this kit ensures stability and durability, maintaining the same level of quality and safety as the original bunk bed.

Seamless Integration:

Designed for effortless integration, this extension Kit For B-1890 seamlessly aligns with the existing structure of the B-1890-EK bunk bed, preserving its aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Versatile and Adjustable:

With the Extension Kit for B-1890-EK (Single/Double) Bunk Bed, transform your sleeping space into a versatile and adaptable area that caters to varying occupancy needs. Create a customized bunk bed arrangement to suit your preferences and spatial requirements without compromising on stability or safety.


Specifically designed as an extension for the B-1890-EK (Single/Double) Bunk Bed, ensuring a perfect fit and harmonious integration.


The extension kit does not include the B-1890-EK (Single/Double) Bunk Bed and is intended as an addition to expand the existing bunk bed setup.

Enhance the versatility and functionality of your bunk bed setup with the Extension Kit for B-1890-EK (Single/Double) Bunk Bed—an ideal solution to adapt your sleeping space to varying needs and configurations while maintaining durability, stability, and style.

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