Mophie Power Bank (2600 mAh)

Connector Type Micro USB
Brand mophie
Ability 2600 Milliamp Hours
Compatible phone models Universal

$15.00 $35.00

Introducing the Mophie Power Bank Mini Portable Battery USB

Your ultimate on-the-go power solution designed to keep your devices charged and connected whenever and wherever you need it. This compact and reliable external battery pack offers unparalleled flexibility and performance, ensuring your devices stay powered up throughout your day.

Key Features Mophie Power Bank:

Portable Powerhouse:

With a rechargeable 2,600mAh universal battery, this compact yet powerful device provides enough juice to charge your smartphone or tablet up to one full cycle, extending your device’s battery life and keeping you connected for longer.

Versatile Compatibility:

Equipped with USB ports delivering a 1.0 amp output, it’s compatible with most smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and wearables, providing a reliable and efficient charge whenever needed.

Pass-Through Charging:

The built-in pass-through charging functionality prioritizes charging your device first before replenishing the battery pack, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted charging experience.

Slim, Nonslip Design:

Crafted in a compact, nonslip, slim profile, this Mophie Power Bank mini is conveniently portable and slips easily into your purse, bag, or pocket, guaranteeing you’re always prepared for any power needs on the go.

Durable and User-Friendly:

Encased in a high-end soft rubbery finish, this charger is both durable and comfortable to handle. LED indicators provide clear insights into the battery’s charge level, while its simple operation makes it effortless to use—just connect your device and press the status button to start charging.

Triple-Tested Reliability:

Each Mophie Power Bank undergoes rigorous triple testing to ensure peak performance and safe, reliable operation, offering peace of mind for your devices and safety.


  • Rechargeable 2,600mAh universal battery
  • Triple-tested for peak performance and safety
  • 1.0 amp output suitable for smartphones, wearables, and more
  • LED battery indicator for charge level visibility
  • Compatible with various mobile devices, including smartphones and smartwatches

The Mophie Power Bank (2600 mAh) is your go-to companion for maintaining your device’s power on-the-go, providing seamless connectivity and convenience wherever your day takes you. Stay charged, stay connected, and never miss a beat with this reliable power solution.

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Product Name Mophie Power Boost Mini Portable Battery USB
Product Model 4051_PBCL-MOPHIE
Capacity 2600 mAh
Compatibility All USB devices, including smartphones and tablets
Charging Port 1 USB-A port
Input 5V/1A micro-USB input for recharging the battery
Output 5V/1A USB-A output for charging devices
Charging Time Approx. 3-4 hours to fully charge the battery
Battery Life Approx. 1 full charge for most smartphones
LED Indicators 4 LED lights indicate remaining battery level
Size 4.10 x 2.25 x 0.50 inches (LxWxH)
Weight 2.8 ounces

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