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Have that Electric Range sitting in your cart for months? Or waiting to get a 50% off on that french door that will still cost you half of your salary?

There is a way you can get all those brand-new appliances and electronics that you’ve been waiting to get for ages and still save some bucks in your wallet. The answer is to BUY OPEN BOX Appliances and Electronics.

Open Box products are brand new items just like the ones sold at official stores and websites, but with lower prices. Mostly,  they are even enclosed in their original boxes.

Here are five reasons why you should opt for open-box products, rather than spending hundreds extra for the same thing.

Reason 1: It Saves You Bucks

The biggest perk of buying an open-box product is getting a huge price cut. Open-box electronics and appliances are usually sold at prices 20%-30% lower than their original price, sometimes the percentage is even higher. If you want a high-quality brand new product at a lower price, getting an open-box product is definitely the solution. 

Reason 2: They’re Brand, New Just Less Expensive

Open box products usually are brand new exchanged items or display products that are brand new, with no defects. Most of the time, official retailers don’t pass these products through inspections and give them to local sellers at less prices. So, you’re getting the same product that you would get at that big store with a higher price tag.

Reason 3: Good Deals

Open box retailers and wholesalers give huge discounts and bundle deals on their products, so if you’re looking to buy electronics and appliances for your new apartment, going to the local retailer for bundle deals is a good option. Staying on a budget and revamping your kitchen is possible if you buy open-box appliances and electronics.

Reason 4: Get Discontinued or Sold-out Products 

Ever had heartbreak when you see that a limited edition mini fridge sold out on the official website? Well, your local wholesaler might still have it in stock and that too at a discount.

One of the major reasons to look for open-box products is that you might find electronics and appliances that are sold out on official websites and stores.

Reason 5: Minimal Risk, If It Has a Warranty

When buying appliances and electronics, you definitely want to be sure if it comes with a warranty or not. Because you’re spending so much and it’s too risky, Right?

Trusted retailers of open-box products will always give you a warranty, even on the open-box products, so make sure you go to the right seller.

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